Rediscovering the Already Existent

June 2019

As someone who moved in and out of different houses countless times throughout her life, Selin never really had a place that she could call home. This forced habit of the past defined her lifestyle as she grew up. Even though in her heart she desires to call Antwerp her home and emerge as an artist there, she still mentally struggles to stay in one place, as it almost became an innate act to her. In the moment of questioning, the comprehension of life occurred. She decided to set aside her exaggerated complaints that triggered these feelings and rediscover the city the way it is. Similar approach to her work was the motivation behind her paintings.

Each of her works is a part of a bigger picture. A fragmented image which has been rediscovered by the artist. As soon as the picture is divided into sections, they become independent territories that artist needs to integrate into. The division creates random and unique compositions for each piece. It was not in her control which she respected and accepted as a challenge. Not making any changes to the lines or shapes but only intervene by deciding colours, textures and the making. Creating pieces, which once were part of a whole, that later became powerful and beautiful enough to hang alone. Trying to find potential in what is given became a fun study that she enjoys doing. Selin values the impact that basic shapes and textures can have. She mostly cares about the image being lookable than trying to define it. That is what she likes about art. Any work can mean many different things to each and everyone. So why limit it by defining it?