Tailored art experience in your home

image from App Smartist

My Business Plan

My purpose as a freelance curator is to solely focus on the artistic aspect of the project.

  1. Conversation with the client to discuss their view on art

  • Defining esthetics values

  • Defining interest in history or literature

  • Short description of the client. Who they are and what they are passionate about

  1. Working closely with the interior designer to understand the concept and the esthetics of the interior

  2. Appropriating client’s view on art to the interior

  3. Finding the right artwork

  • Research of the artwork that fits both the interior and the ideology of the client

  • Attending exhibitions, studio visits and other art related events to search for local artists of today (emerging or established)

  • Providing a photoshop preview of the artwork

  • Confirming the artwork with the client and the interior designer

  • Communicating and commercing with the artist

  1. Transportation of the artwork

  2. Installation of the artwork to the interior

How do I choose the companies I work with?

As an artist, I want to curate interiors from the artist’s point of view. With every project that I do, I want to state that artworks are less of a decoration and more a representation of one’s ideologies. My involvement in every project will deepen the view on artworks in a real living space opposed to the commercialized, soulless representations of artworks just hanging on a wall. With this mission in mind, I need to work with a company that must understand these values.

Benefits of my services

  • Chance to support local emerging artists. Getting to know them before they become established.

  • Acquiring authentic artworks instead of commercially manufactured ones.

  • Tailored art experience that stands out from other interior design projects.

  • With my involvement in the project, I remind people that art is for everyone to enjoy, if they find the right one. Elevating the experience of art in living spaces, therefore increasing the value of art in society.

Contact me if;

  • You are an interior designer (or a company) who wants to stand out by adding that last touch to your project with a unique artistic view.

  • You are someone who already lives in a nice interior, but lacks the true artistic aspect.