I will be exhibiting my artworks at the Affordable Art Fair Brussels.


The series "Bell" 2021

The “Bell” series consists of sixteen abstract artworks. When put together another image is revealed. That’s not what I want to put emphasis on, however. 

This series began with an idea, as everything else we see in this world. What I focus on is how much more valuable that idea can become. After gridding the image, sixteen pieces remained. Every piece is an effort to separate it from the idea. Freeing it from the subject. To go deeper in abstraction, I focused on the physical and technical aspects, to the essence of a painting. When the integration is done, the paintings should be beautiful enough to hang alone. They become something else. Something more if you ask me, but an artwork doesn’t need validation from the artist, it needs interpretation from the observers. 

The series "Free From" 2021 - Process of making



The series "Portrait of the Abstract" - Close-ups


Interview Kunst in Huis - Antwerp Art Weekend 2021 - Directed by Charlotte Van Noten 
Exhibition view #1
Exhibition view #2
During my exhibition at Antwerp Art Weekend 2021
I gave tours during AAW 2021 in galleries such as De Zwarte Panter and Valerie_Traan


Selin Aydinol (1994, Istanbul) Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. Selin moved to Antwerp in 2016. She received her Masters diploma from Royal Academy of Antwerp in 2019.    Learn more

Preparing my paintings - 2020
2020, February   Zonder Kunstenaars Geen Kunst - Muhka - Nick Lodgers curated by Philippe Van Damme 
2019, January - Performance - Lecture Performances in Perspective - Extra City
2019, June - Group Show - Master Exhibition "Rediscovering The Already Existent" - Royal Academy of Antwerp
2019, June - Performance - "Groener Plaats" - Groenplaats
2017,  June - Performance - "I live in Antwerp now"Royal Academy of Antwerp
2017,  June - "I live in Antwerp now" - Print



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