Freelance UX Researcher & Designer

I'm an enthusiastic UX designer based in Antwerp. With an artistic background, I seamlessly integrate aesthetics with usability, thereby delivering a distinctive user experience.



Online Banking App - Finovo

 Project Details


Often, when developing an app, accessibility tends to be overlooked in the initial stages. I am shifting my UX career focus to specialize in accessibility so that I make sure to include users of all abilities in the design thinking process. This project sought to leverage insights from W3C and WAI guidelines, as well as recent UX conferences, to improve accessibility standards. Specifically, my focus was on addressing the needs of users with cognitive challenges like ADHD, and those with visual impairments such as color blindness.

Finovo is a fictional app designed to practice accessibility. It incorporates considerations such as color, contrast, negative space, and a simplistic transaction style, all with inclusivity in mind.


1) Color dependence on essential information

In web and app design, color plays a vital role in defining essential data or actions for users. However, relying solely on color to convey crucial elements can pose challenges for users with visual impairments, such as color blindness. For instance, imagine a user attempting to select a seat for a show where the seating legend is represented solely through color-coding. In such cases, the design becomes unusable for these users. The Finovo online banking app was designed to take this factor into account.

2) Distractive UI and unintuitive flow

Certain design principles, such as contrast, alignment, and negative space, play a crucial role in creating clarity and intuitive experiences for users when applied effectively. However, neglecting these principles can lead to issues such as interruptions in user flow or overall distraction, ultimately causing users to fail in their actions. This experience can be particularly demanding and frustrating for users with ADHD. As a UX designer, one of your primary objectives is to eliminate user pain points, facilitating a more intuitive user flow and fostering overall satisfaction. The Finovo online banking app was designed to take this factor into account.

ESHOP - National Artist Market

 Project Details


As an artist, I was approached by the National Artist Market to showcase and sell my artwork on their platform. I visited their website to understand their services. Encountering usability frustrations, I proposed a website revamp before proceeding further. They accepted, and I began the redesign.

I redesigned the website for the National Artist Market, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting visibility and offering support to local artists and cultural initiatives.


1) Overwhelming Search Function

The extensive array of options in the top navigation bar resulted in user frustration and prolonged navigation duration. To improve the user experience, I introduced a simplified and more intuitive design, facilitating smoother and more efficient user journeys.

2) Slow Website Loading Times

Acknowledging the impact of large image sizes on website performance, I raised the issue with stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of optimizing image sizes to improve performance and mitigate user frustration caused by slow loading times.


1) Maintaining Consistency with Existing Style and Branding

To gain a thorough understanding of the brand, I familiarized myself with its guidelines. In enhancing the design, I conducted a brand audit to maintain consistency. Through close collaboration with stakeholders, I solicited feedback and validation, culminating in a successful website revamp.

2) Not Sufficient Funds for UX Research & User Testing

Understanding the importance of user experience (UX) research and testing, despite budget constraints, I leveraged alternative methodologies to ensure the enhancement of our product's usability. By tapping into existing data resources, such as analytics and customer feedback channels, I gathered valuable insights into user behaviors and pain points.